Summer Suzuki Institute Line up–plan now!


While we are all dreaming of warmer days it is time to start thinking of summer Suzuki Institutes!

Many families and teachers look forward to Summer Suzuki Institutes every year! Institutes are events held all around the country (one in almost every state!) where teachers, children, and parents get together to learn and play music together. Held for 1-2 weeks throughout the summer, you and your child will attend master classes with highly experienced and skilled teachers, participate in group classes, and get to hear and participate in concerts and other fun activities such as talent shows or improvisation classes. Each institute has its own unique specialty and flair.

As there are many institute options all over the country (and the world!), some families even plan vacations around institutes in order to travel and get to know new places.

Whether this is your first experience or you are going back every to see old friends, summer institutes are a great way to immerse your child in a week of music, learning, and laughter. The connection and motivation provided by attending a week at a Suzuki institute are worth the time required. Memories, as well as new friends, are made sparking new energy to sustain a family’s practice throughout the school year.

Check out the links below for more about institutes in Illinois and surrounding states. Click here for a full list of Suzuki Institutes. Be sure to let your teacher know as they can help offer lots of useful guidance on selecting, preparing for, and thriving at an institute that’s right for your family. 


Chicago, IL July 1 – 7

Stevens Point, WI July 17- 23 and July 24 -30

Twin Lake, MI  June 11 -14 and June 15 – 18

Louisville, KY June 11 – 16


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