Essential Materials for Beginners



  • Suzuki Violin School, Volume 1:   This link will help you find the Hilary Hahn Book 1 Suzuki recordings on the platform you prefer. Regular listening is integral to your child’s study. Start listening today even before your first lesson! Listen as much as possible–in the car, in the kitchen, in the bath, and anywhere else you can (just in the background is fine). The more often, the better! We recommend making sure that all babysitters, parents, grandparents, and anyone else who spends time with your child has access to the Suzuki recordings and plays them regularly when near your child.




  • Blue Tooth Speaker.  It is imperative that your home have a speaker that plays loudly so that your child can play along with recordings during practice as assigned. Also, for the background Suzuki Volume 1 recordings, it is much better sound quality to listen through a speaker rather than a phone or tablet. 


  • A “Music lesson bag” (to keep all lesson items together!). We have OPSA bags for $20.


At a later date:



Shinichi Suzuki – Nurtured by Love


Kay Collier Slone – They are rarely too young and never too old to Twinkle!

Ed Sprunger – Helping Parents Practice

Ed Kreitman – Teaching from the Balance Point



  • Students will be sized for the correct fractional-sized instrument and bow when the time comes (students do not start with an instrument right away). Guidance for renting or purchasing one will be given by the teacher at the appropriate time. 


  • It is very useful to have an extra set of strings in your child’s case in case one breaks.


  • Means of tuning the instrument: electronic tuner, tuning fork, pitch pipe (not a piano) is very helpful. There are Apps like ClearTune that can serve as a tuner. 


****Violin students will begin with a foam instrument and a dowel bow. They will be carefully sized for a real instrument, which will be introduced at the appropriate time in their study. Do not attempt to purchase or rent an instrument without the teacher’s guidance.



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