Instrument Care & Supplies

The following businesses have my recommendation. Unfortunately, MANY poor quality instruments, over-priced and marked-up retailers, and outright crooks exist in the music business. NEVER buy any instrument or bow without first bringing it to your lesson to have your teacher evaluate it. Any reputable violin shop will allow you at least 7 days to try out an instrument and/or bow free of charge.

For purchase, repairs & maintenance

Michael Becker Fine Violins Ltd
28 Third St.
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Kenneth Stein Violins
172 N York St.
Elmhurst, IL

Violin Rentals and Suzuki Materials

For violin rentals–best source for fractional size (1/16, 1/10, 1/8, etc.) violins (Scott Cao, maker). Kagan and Gaines also sells the Suzuki books, CDs, Step by Step books and other necessary lesson materials.

Kagan & Gains
7655 W Roosevelt Rd.
Forest Park, IL 60130
(708) 771-2152

Music, strings & supplies
To order music, strings, and related supplies at a discount try:

Shar Music

Sheet Music Plus

Young Musicians

For Music Mind Games materials, visit:

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