How to Enroll

Enrollment at OPSA can occur at any time when we have openings.

The best way to reach us is by Text: (708) 800-6772 or Email: Office@OPStringAcademy. com

We will arrange a time to call you and answer any questions or reply via email. We encourage parents to learn as much as possible about the Suzuki method before beginning lessons.

First Step

Email us to arrange a time to speak with us about your questions. You can start by filling out this form letting us know of your interest. Come and watch one of our Tuesday evening violin group classes! Besides being a great way to get a feel for our program, our “Twinklers” are awfully cute. Please bring your child and feel free to bring a friend! No need to rsvp, but you might want to send us an email just to confirm group is in fact happening that evening.

Second Step

Observe a private lesson. This is arranged between you and the teacher being observed. We will try and match you with a student of a similar age and level so that you and your child might begin to imagine what your own lessons might be like. You can plan to stay for all or part of the 30 minute lesson, depending on your child’s attention span. 

Third Step

Scheduling private lessons is done once we have spoken with you and know what your availability is and can find a compatible spot available with one of our teachers. If you have completed steps one and two and have a time arranged with your teacher, let the Suzuki journey begin! 

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