Observe a Lesson

We ask that families interested in starting lessons come and see what a lesson is like with our teachers.You may observe a lesson before or after filling out this registration form. Observing offers an opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the Suzuki method.
  • Hear about how music lessons will benefit your whole family.
  • Meet our teachers and tour our school.
  • Gather practical info such as cost and schedule

For the observation, we try and match you with a student who is of a similar age and level.

  • Give your child a way to envision themselves in a lesson.
  • Give you an idea of what your role is and how to prepare for this new setting.
After an observation:
  • The teacher will contact you and review what you observed and see if you have any questions. Please fill out this registration form to receive a contact from us.
  • Lesson times are reserved for those who have completed observations and filled out the registration form. (Please note that we often have a waiting list).
  • You may observe as often as you would like and at various levels. This can be arranged with the individual teacher.



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