Suzuki podcast?! Yes!

If you have a commute to work or a commute to just about anywhere and are a Suzuki parent, teacher or even an older student, this podcast is for you. It is done so artfully–beautiful music, thoughtful interviews, reflections, advice and so much more. Give it a listen!
Bringing Your Gifts and Feeding a Hunger that the World Has Episode 6

“Bringing Your Gifts and Feeding a Hunger that the World Has.”—Episode 6

Margaret Watts Romney
Jul 27 / 21:56

Skills I didnt know my child had Episode 5

“Skills I didn’t know my child had”—Episode 5

Margaret Watts Romney
Jul 7 / 21:00

Matsumoto Memoir Helen Higa

Matsumoto Memoir—Helen Higa

Margaret Watts Romney
Jun 23 / 15:02

Holding Two Concepts In Ones Mind Episode 4

“Holding Two Concepts In One’s Mind”—Episode 4

Margaret Watts Romney
Jun 7 / 16:11

It Transcended Us to Another World Episode 3

“It Transcended Us to Another World”—Episode 3

Margaret Watts Romney
May 23 / 16:50

It Doesnt Get Much Better Than This Episode 2

“It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This”—Episode 2

Margaret Watts Romney
May 8 / 16:52

Episode 1 You Have to Go On You Have to Grow

Episode 1—”You Have to Go On, You Have to Grow”

Margaret Watts Romney
Apr 24 / 15:34

Building Noble Hearts Season 1 Trailer

Building Noble Hearts—Season 1 Trailer

Margaret Watts Romney
Apr 14 / 4:28

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