Piano Program

  • Piano classes are taught by Ischee Rinck and are not taught using the Suzuki repertoire and method, but rather a more conventional way of learning.
  • Parents are welcome to attend but are not required to come to each lesson.

Piano lessons at oak Park String Academy

The piano is a great way to teach harmony and the basics of music theory (major, minor, scales, etc.). We highly recommend that our string students add a half hour piano class to their studies as it will help make their understanding of music and the way it functions on the page much more clear. For more information or to help answer questions, please contact us.

We would like to welcome Ischee Rinck to the OPSA network.  Ischee was a piano student of Angela Wright (Oak Park, IL) during her elementary and high school years.  She graduated from CBC, now Evangel University, with a BA degree in Bible and an AA degree in Music. Ischee has been teaching piano for the last 10 years.  She has also incorporated music into elements of the children’s programs at several churches. Ischee and her husband, David, have 2 children, John and Markese.

Ischee comes very highly recommended by OP piano teacher, Angela Wright, and will be offering her lessons at OPSA.


OPSA Piano Program

Private Lessons (30 min. $25/student)
– Thursday afternoons and evenings – for elementary students
– Saturday afternoons

(there are no group piano lessons)


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