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Acapella App Fun

What do your OPSA teachers do when they can't perform with others during a pandemic?? They create their own music... with themselves! Enjoy this recent fun that Meg Lanfear (OPSA founder, director, and violin teacher) had with the App Acapella. ...

Oak Park String Academy

Parent Class Resources: First and Second Classes

Parent Classes at OPSA As part our program, we hold parent classes for all of our new Suzuki families. These meetings occur during the beginning group class so as to facilitate parent attendance. Having families in our program who are familiar with the Suzuki...

Parent classes at OP String Academy

10 Gift Ideas for Young Musicians!

As holiday seasons quickly approach, we have a few suggestions to help parents who are encouraging their children's musical studies with gifts that support their efforts. Enjoy!   1. Music stand Having a sturdy music stand available in your child’s practice...

Winter at Oak Park String Academy
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